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ACI Farfisa Intercoms starts as a division under the same name as the famous company that operates in the electronic musical instrument market.

In the seventies and eighties, Farfisa Intercoms becomes synonymous with quality and reliability. The strong market demand creates the need to establish a separate company to manage the ever-increasing production.

Continuing the tradition of innovation and on going product development ACI Farfisa is established as an independent company.

The product range expands to include telecommunication and video control systems, which are added to the existing intercom and video intercom ranges.


The continuous search for solutions to improve product functionality and reliability transforms ACI Farfisa into a market leader both at national and international level.

ACI Farfisa consolidates its position as a world leader in the security products industry. A company consistently offering a complete range of competitive products with guaranteed quality.

The company has been issued the ISO 9002 certification for its corporate quality system.


The success of ACI Farfisa continues. The company strives to maintain maximum quality at each stage of the production process.

The careful selection of materials and components, together with the implementation of efficient production methods guarantees highly reliable products.


Throughout continuous development, the company has become dynamic, flexible and highly competitive.

Its production covers highly specialised sectors by offering a wide selection of technologically advanced solutions, whilst allowing the company to offer its customers innovative, competitive and user friendly products.

Ambitious goals have been set for the future to achieve the best result for each product.

Committed to research and project planning for innovative services and products, the company is making large investments to satisfy the requirements of the market.



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