11.04.2016 New CCTV Farfisa for Security catalogue 2016
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05.08.2015 New catalogue
01.04.2015 New CCTV catalogue
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New CCTV Farfisa for Security catalogue 2016


Nuovo catalistino Farfisa for Security 2016

The new CCTV price list for 2016 is now available! The product range is now showed into two main sections, related to the two main technologies which are widely used to make video surveillance systems at the moment: the analogue High Definition AHD technology and IP technology.

  • On the first, baside the products already available during 2015, new cameras and recorder able to capture, manage and record pictures up to full HD definition with 1080p resolution, have been introduced, keeping unchanged the principles of installation easiness and compatibility with exisitng systems which have driven our product's choices during last years.
  • Similarly, on the IP sector, 1080p resolution cameras have been introduced, using 2.4MP capturing sensors. Moreover, very soon even recorders (NVR's) with Power Over Ethernet (PoE) capability and auto-adding IP camera function will be available, allowing then a further easisness on making CCTV systems over IP.
  • Another new technology, available soon, is the camera and the NVR range based on H.265 compression technique: using this system, which allows about 30-40% bandwidth saving than H.264, it is possible to handle pictures captured at 4MP resolution and drive displaying on UHD (4K), then up to 4 times higher than the full HD one. As completion of this range, it is available a new 24" monitor supporting 4K resolution and allowing then to display well the pictures captured by this new technology.

The new price list can be required to our sales team, who can provide also specific promotions according to customer's requests.

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